New Qualified Microwave Food Cover Plate Vented Splatter Protector Clear Kitchen Lid Safe Refrigerator Dining-table
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Product SKU H12
Size (L x W x H) 22 cm x 22 cm x 7 cm
food cover

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Open the refrigerator every day, always feel this way The fresh-keeping lunch box at home is not enough There are also many ingredients that need to be kept fresh, such as fruits, meat, etc.
Did you just give it up? Just because here are not enough food containers Please take a look at the new generation of stackable freezer lids Really achieve the cheapest, most economicaland most effective preservation in the world
Today I will bring you a freshnesspreservation artifact from Germany Germany Zexi stackable freezer dishes preservation lids They not only keep food for a long time It can also perfectly match various shapes of containers!
With fresh-keeping cover----refuse plastic film SAY GOODBYE TO TIHE MESSY SPACE The plastic wrap cannot be reused Our fresh-keeping cover only needs a light cover!
Product Information Name: Stacked refrigerator dishes preservation cover
Dimensions: Diameter 19.5cm, height 4.5cm
Material: PP, silicone
Weight: 0.24kg
Features: High and low temperature resistant, microwaveable, and refrigerated food

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