Foldable Storage Rack Organizer Home Storage Rack Kitchen Rack Living Room Rak with Wheel 可折叠储物架收纳架 Rak Penyimpanan Lipat Penyusun Rak
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Size (L x W x H) 39 cm x 10 cm x 159 cm
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Shelf: 3/4/5 shelves

3 Tier Size: 370mm (W) X 730mm (L) X 905mm (H)
4 Tier Size: 370mm (W) X 730mm (L) X 1275mm (H)
5 Tier Size: 370mm (W) X 730mm (L) X 1625mm (H)
Top Layer Height:380mm,other Layer Height:350mm
Loading Capacity: 60kg UDL per Level
Rack: Steel with Powder Coated

- No need to install and dismantle.
- Design is more fashion than other storage rack
- Foldable and moveble
- No bolts and nuts.
- Freely adjustable.
- Suitable for any storage, Best for home, Store, E-Commerce retailers, office usage, online store warehouse, home store room or garage and office storage 

What is a UDL?
A uniform distributed load, or UDL, helps explain how much weight can be safely stored on each shelf section. A UDL dictates that products should be stored evenly with no single point handling excessively more load than the remainder of the shelf. A UDL allows the maximum load to be safely applied.

搁板:3/4/5 个搁板

3层尺寸:370mm (W) X 730mm (L) X 905mm (H)
4层尺寸:370mm (W) X 730mm (L) X 1275mm (H)
5层尺寸:370mm (W) X 730mm (L) X 1625mm (H)
承载能力:每层60kg UDL

- 无需安装和拆卸。
- 设计比其他储物架更时尚
- 可折叠和可移动
- 没有螺栓和螺母。
- 可自由调节。
- 适用于任何存储,最适合家庭、商店、电子商务零售商、办公室使用、网上商店仓库、家庭储藏室或车库和办公室存储

什么是 UDL?
均匀分布负载或 UDL 有助于解释每个货架部分可以安全存储多少重量。 UDL 规定产品应均匀存放,不得单点处理超过货架其余部分的负载。 UDL 允许安全地施加最大负载。